Hi Beautiful Souls!

I am Raksha Bhatti, Psychic & Intuitive Healer, Certified Card Reader, Creator and Modern Mystic Practicing Healing with Transformational Coaching everyday.

 "You Matter!  Your creativity, Your Soul Matters!  

 Its only when you integrate with your inner truth and  unleash it unapologetically your life will be truly  magical everyday!"   

  • Get guidance from Tarot, Oracle or Angel or many such elemental cards.

    40 min

  • Shift yourself into a positive state without any medicine.

    1 hr

  • Know what your Aura is saying in depth about your health and emotions.

  • Tap, sync and align all your chakras in your body, mind and soul.

    1 hr 30 min

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Contact - raksha.bhatti@gmail.com    Mumbai, Maharashtra - India
♾ 58 426499 619 714 218 41 528Hz ♾
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