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Hello Beautiful Soul!

I'm Raksha,
A Multi Potential being deeply devoted to creating and living my Authentic highest self-life!

I feel I am a Wild Alchemy Soul but if  I had to tag a few things then I'm an Intuitive Artist,  Creator, Teacher, Healer, Coach, Mentor, Strategist, Branding Enthusiast, Speaker and Modern Mystic!

My mission

I am here to empower and build a legacy where I simplify and redefine the self-development world.
Where you have a deeper Self Connection and are anchored into your own power. Where You co-create your desired life and you become your Own Damn Inspiration. Where you unleash and release all your limiting beliefs and set yourself free to your truest highest potential!

If you have found your way here, it’s for a reason and I pray that you receive what you are seeking for in this space or in the Universe today.  Thank you, I’m honoured to have your presence here.💖

Our Services

  • A guided reading channeled with divine messages.

    1 hr

  • A Safe space for you to dive in deeper into your energetics and feel t...

    1 hr 20 min

  • Clear and Heal present, past trauma bonds related to your womb, body &...

    1 hr 20 min

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