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Ode to finding light✨

I felt there was no way to go, All it seemed was only darkness, Many steps ahead, Many moves were made, Many turn and yet I could only find more darkness around. Why? I asked. What is that you want me to know?? Why am I here?? ????? There was a state of silence filled with immense chaos, It pierced my soul breaking it into a lot. With no matchstick and no fire, Trembling, breaking, shaking, holding myself from one fragment to another... Why? I asked. What is it that you want me to learn?? Why am I here??? Another trail of silence struck like lightning in very dark clouds, so vast and so loud. Trembling, Crying, I Surrendered it all... Why? I asked. Am I here to know why is this at all?? Yet again, the silence came with a gush of call. Pushed me right down on my knees, saying "You know it all dear, you know it all." Trembling, crying, shaking, breaking in pain, I picked myself up to see the flame, Oh! I could finally see some light so little so tiny, but yet so bright It could blind me. I look ahead so I could follow it, looked behind so I could finally escape from the darkness of all. No there is to be found but I can see the flame. Why? I asked again. I have surrendered, bestow your presence for once and all. I said " I refuse to be blinded by the tricks for I am the daughter of this Wisdom, a fragment of the Universe and born with the power to feel, embrace and nourish it all. I know who I am for I am That I am" And I sat in the darkness, embracing myself and bringing all the broken fragments together. There it is! I felt a light igniting so strong yet so soft, so bright yet so warm, I smiled with joy oh please show me your presence & guide me back home. Yet again, the silence strikes in with only immense silence sitting beside me, And I could finally see the light igniting inside. This light perished the darkness slowly, bringing life to only love and kindness for all.

To love, light & Power. ~ Raksha Bhatti

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