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Believe in yourself!

Hi, there Precious One!

Let me tell you about the most amazing unseen Superpower that we all have and still don’t bother to give any attention.

It’s believing in oneself!

We all have grown up with so many beliefs from our family, our society and our religion that we really don’t know what we truly believe in. So how about if we give our minds, and hearts a break and try erasing all that beliefs that came from anywhere but not from our instincts or our gut?

Yes, let's just for once try to follow and Believe in what our heart wants and what we believe in. By just understanding clearly what we want and what we believe in, it will simplify a lot of things in our lives.

1. Ask what you want, speak for it! Be clear about what you need and what you don’t in your life. Always ask for what you want don’t be expecting it from others, because others are also expecting it from you. Don't limit yourself, ask for what you want and if you believe it right you will have it. Make it loud! Make it Heard! (For Example, When a 6mnth old baby cries because he is hungry, nothing other than milk or anything that will settle his hunger will stop him from crying. However you play with him, cuddle him, sing for him, give him his favourite toy or any other stuff than to feed him will not stop him from crying because that is not what he wants. As simple as this we need to listen to our feelings and believe in them and ask for it.)

2. Don’t let others' words be your Belief! Always know that you are surrounded by all these beautiful people in your life but everyone has different beliefs. So don’t let their words be believed for you!! One can speak, Understand, React and behave just at its own intelligence level. So have no grudges about it!

(For example, You were 30kgs overweight and you have been working really hard and already lost 15kgs. You are really happy and proud of yourself and then there are people in your life to tell you have to lose more than 15kgs, you have been not that good, you still have a lot to go and many more stuff!! So give it a break don’t let their words become your belief and put you down.)

Stick to all that happy belief about yourself and be happy about it. People don’t know a thing that is happening within you and so just keep their words away from your beliefs!

3. Don’t Underestimate the power of feelings, Let it flow through you! Listen to all that you feel inside, let that feeling settle down in you don’t try to ignore or suppress it with your oh-so-manipulative-i-can’t-be-feeling-this-attitude! Live the moment, even if it is crying, laughing, reading, writing, dancing, moping, sad or whatever it is just in that moment.

(For example, You are hurt, feeling bad and really have that feeling that you don’t want to get out your bed too. It’s ok! listen to that feeling; understand what is making you so hurt. Is it something within or something that someone else told you about? Let that feeling sink in give it time, it will be healed the moment you stop resisting or suppressing that feeling!)

4. Be Responsible for only Yourself! Yes, always just be responsible for what you believe and what you want, and don’t be expecting others to do the same. They are breathing for themselves and living their lives. why should they be following what you want? Trust me it will help you so much to grow better and be wiser. Don’t accept what is not yours! Live with the abundance of what you have and what you want. Believe that you can achieve whatever you want and be where you want to be.

“What you want has to be Stronger than what you have.”

Believe to come out of all the irrational beliefs that are instilled in you and you don’t feel its you.

Believe that you are awesome and if you can overcome all the obstacles and hardships in your life, you can achieve abundance and all that you want in your Present.

Believe that however you are, you are Enough! Believe that you are the best version of you! Believe in yourself, because that’s Empowering you !


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