• Raksha Bhatti

✨ A B U N D A N C E ✨

Abundance~ let it in

🤑Before talking about Abundance of Finance let me put light on what other things we can experience abundance with so much love that sometimes we choose to ignore!

💎It could be in terms of ~

Love,Hugs,Songs,Laughs,Food,Health, Resources,Gratitude, Pets love, Flowers,Trees, Nature, & Tiny mundane Beautiful things in life that are just unmeasurable 💞✨


Although if you are having difficult time with your finance and money I felt why not shake that energy and light up the spark of Abundance of Money in your life!✨

🤑Talking about money?

1st thing first check how you feel when you think about money?

What comes to ur mind first with ur eyes close and feel it!

Is it something happy? Something so tight? Something so constricted? Something very loose ended? Or WHAT?

F E E L - I T!

Here your answer to what will help you get more money lays on it.


and then work to let that feeling go and bring more FLOW, ALLOWING AND RECEIVING!


Also inspired by @galadarling monday manifestation 💞 comment down your Vision that you can definitely Manifest as you Have all the money for it Now!

GO Wild✨💞🤑


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