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How to call in more abundance?

🤑Before talking about the Abundance of Finance let me put light on what are the other things we can experience in abundance with so much love that sometimes we choose to ignore!

💎It could be in terms of ~

Love, Hugs, Songs, Laughs, Food, Health, Resources, Gratitude, Pets love, Flowers, Trees, Nature, & Tiny mundane Beautiful things in life that are just unmeasurable 💞✨

Although if you are having a difficult time with your finance and money I felt why not shake that energy and light up the spark of Abundance of Money in your life!

Here's a little exercise you can do to break that and bring in more money or any type of abundance in your life.

Talking about money first!

Firstly, check how you feel when you think about money.

What comes to your mind first when you think of money? With your eyes close, feel it and notice.

Is it something happy? Something so tight? what are the words? people?

Something so constricted? Something very loose-ended? Or WHAT?

F E E L - I T!

When you have an answer, tap into this feeling and understand that only a half-truth or based on some past experience. For eg: if you feel stressed, it could be because every time somebody spoke about money around you it was always in a stressful situation and that's how you have associated money with the same energy.

Now think and write about how you want to feel about money? Like happy, free, joyous, etc and then tap into this feeling.

Hold this feeling and say or write your own affirmation with it. for eg: I call in money with joy and let it flow to me with joy.

Know, money is just an energy like water or air in our nature its resourceful you just got to know what is limiting it and work on it. For more personal guidance connect for 1:1 session where we work together on your money patterns and heal it. Love, Raksha Bhatti.


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