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Hi Beautiful Souls!

I am Raksha Bhatti, Psychic & Intuitive Healer, Certified Card Reader, Creator and Modern Mystic Practicing Healing with Transformational Coaching everyday in one on one sessions to public seminars and workshops.

To start with my life journey as a former professional Video Editor and assistant producer in major media companies to transitioning into a spiritual mystic Healer now. The journey has been one of the best learning which also helped me create and start my own brand Tarqeeb.
I started listening to my Intuitions, true inner self, learning from my experiences and following my inner calling and light within. This understanding about life, Spirituality, nature and sacred truth is derived from all experiences and hardships I overcame in my life from mental health disorder, confidence issues, Interpersonal Traumas and personality self love issues.
Today I wish to guide and embark awareness about the importance of having no limitations and living life in the best abundant versions of ourselves Unapologetically; to offer tools to heal so others do not beat themselves up for the same fears I once did.

My Mission.jpg

  My mission to embark awareness, guide to and heal connect with the light within!  

  To build an empowering space where everyone can unleash their real inner truth with  confidence and acceptance towards their life and soul connection.  

 To let the World experience the magnificent integration in the power of our inner truth and expressing it unapologetically in totality with life with conscious actions. 

  To bring in more Love, Light & Power!   

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