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Ever given it a thought? We are all artists on a journey to live authentically and express our true selves from the heart.
I live by this principle of being authentic to what feels true and holding that space for others so they can show up in their real authentic power too. It has definitely not been an easy ride but it's been all worthwhile!

I'm Raksha Bhatti, I started my career as a journalist, working in media and taking many other odd jobs to explore, learn and tap into my creativity, leadership and true expression.
It was after many years of experience and unravelling I found my path to understanding how much I love to be in connection with people, advocate clear communication and understanding, and the simplicity of how humans love to be heard, seen and given space to be expressive.

I spent many years creating content, speaking, coaching, mentor and assisting people with how they can release their limiting beliefs, suffering, and pain to live their best potential life. To bring awareness, healing, embodiment and transform their Personal life or their Business.
I believe in the power of community, the impact of unifying language, and the way it conveys their desires.
I love to see the thrill that people feel when they have tapped into their power and they can beam in their true expression. so, here I am a writer, speaker, seeker and creative, Living life one day at a time unapologetically expressing myself.

Few FunFact about me:
# My name was not always Raksha, I had a different name for first few years of my life.

# I don't remember last time I visited salon. I cut, color and care for my hair and body by myself.
# I can pretty much see something and know how it was made or created.
# I have my clair abilities super active since I was a child, my earliest memory of it is of when I was 5years old.

# I am parent to 2 cats (Arielle & Leo), they are rescue or rather they rescued me to a better life.
# I am super great organiser, and its one of my favourite activities to do.


So How do you feel about my story here? Tell me about it !
Let's connect and explore opportunities together!
Email at or DM @rakshabhatti

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