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Powerful Full Moon Ritual & Meditation.

Hi Beautiful Souls!

I wanted to share A Full Moon Ritual to get all the Manifestation and Magic in your life. Full moons represent the culmination of energy: fruition, completion, and celebration, as well as releasing and shedding of the old to pave way for a whole new cycle.

It is when the moon is the brightest and the biggest in its cycle, it gives us awareness and blessings to put light towards what is that in our lives that we do not want and must let go to bring the New intention best for our growth. **Firstly, you don’t have to be a hardcore believer in astrology, Moon cycle, Energy work and all very religiously to follow these rituals. Enough information is provided for you to follow. Secondly, you don’t need to worry about doing something wrong, just feeling right and following your intuition along the ritual would do the best part. You can do it all as a process or choose to do few accordingly**

1. WRITE: You can start with a journal or piece of paper to WRITE, recommended that you do on paper as it connects our conscious with subconscious.

You can make 3 notes: a) Note about the things you are grateful for,

b)Note about the things you want to let go and don't want in life,

c) Note you want to achieve or New goals and Intentions.

Once you are done with this you can keep the Grateful and Intention note under the moonlight to charge. You can either burn, throw or tear the note of letting go with the intention of leaving it all and surrendering it Universe.

2. CLEARING : Clear away stagnant energy in your house, office, room, crystal or body by the smoke of smudging sage, frankenscience, Incense stick or using selenite crystal too. Start from one end of the room to moving towards your right and complete the circle of smudging from where you started, while you move around the space keep intentions like "I am clearing away all lower and negative energy of the space now, allowing it to release it completely."

You can also sit or just be still for some time and comprehend on the thought where you can feel tension if your body, for example, it is stomach, concentrate on that area and you can set an intention such as, “I release any and all pain that no longer serves me for my highest good.”

3. ENERGIZE:You can use this energy of the full moon to energize any sacred object or your pen, some important thing and keeping all your crystals and your crystal jewelry under the moonlight where they can get energized all night.

You can also take a walk under the moonlight and stand or sit to feel the moonlight going inside your body moving from head to toe and making a white light aura around your body.

4. CHANTING: If you are into any chants or meditation practice this would be the perfect time to perform the ritual. Or simply you can chant your Favourite mantra, affirmation or keep focusing on chanting words like Love, Gratitude, Heal or anyone who resonates with you the most for the moment. You can also just sit by yourself and try to release any thoughts which you don’t want and try to relax your body as Full moon can be really very emotional times for some people.

5. REFLECT: Finally, it would be awesome if you reflect on the whole experience of the ritual and want to write it somewhere which would help bring any change if you have felt so.

You can also write about all the feelings that you felt during the process and it may give you a better understanding of yourself or what you could change and do better ahead. ALL THE BEST! Have an amazing Full Moon Ritual! I always post some new tips and information around the same on my Instagram page @rakshabhatti do check and connect there.

♥ Love, Light & Power ♥

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