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How to attract Abundance & Money in life.

Do you also get a feeling of not having enough for yourself? What is your relationship with money and abundance? Have you been having a little rift with your finances? Well, all these years, I myself have struggled hard to have a balance of money and savings in my life. So I wanted to share the learning and an amazing exercise to dive right into an abundance of cash flow! 1. Make an account of what you have already. So this account of what you have already has to count in everything that is like an amazing resource to you. For Eg: Start with the beautiful ability to smile in hard times, the ability to strive and live through hard times, having compassion for family members that you dislike, being kind, being generous, about the things you are great at, how great you are in the work that you, then you can go with the smartphone you have, internet access, clothes, that amazing footwear, good food, clean water, little or lot money in your bank account and on… on... The idea of this exercise is that you focus on your ABUNDANCE of what you have rather than the LACK your mind always drift into. Getting into the zone and vortex of thinking what you have will get you more attracted and thinking about how more can you have in life for yourself.

“You must find the gold inside you just like light makes it way from the darkness.”

2. Make An Abundance Jar. The ritual to do it so simple that even children could do it easily, in fact, an amazing way to start asking your children to have one for them. I started doing this since last year where I felt like a strong nudge to practice this daily and after a month I didn’t realize how much I had saved even though I spent a lot of shopping and gifting that particular month. So when I sat down with myself asking what changed? What was different? It was this Jar Full of ABUNDANCE that made me see it, feel it and consequently remind me that I had enough for myself and I never felt like a need to remove money from this jar. It worked superbly wonderful for me and that is why I wanted to share this amazing ritual with all of you. Things you will need: 1) A clean Transparent Jar/Box/Case. ( You can choose to decorate it but avoid covering it completely or making it chaotic) 2) Some cash/coin to start with. 3) Any Abundance crystals to accelerate and attract money like Pyrite, Green Aventurine, Citrine, Clear Quartz. ( I am using Rose Quartz to send love to my Money) 4) A paper to write your intentions or your Business card. **More about the Abundance Jar in the video.**

once you practice this exercise for long enough you will see changes in yourself not only with money but also with other things that matter to you and you want to save for yourself. As it helps you subconsciously built in the feeling of what you can receive and save for yourself happily and effortlessly.

You can also try making different Jars for Travel, Education, Food, Business, Experience, Tattoo, Classes you want to join or anything that you passionate about and want Universe to know to fill a Jar full of ABUNDANCE!

Good luck to all of you doing this ritual and please share your experience or Photos of your Amazing jars tagging me on Instagram or Facebook #rakshabhatti #jarofabundance

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Thank you, Love, Light & Power!

Raksha Bhatti


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