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Grow in your Authentic self.

Have you ever thought how much more will you suppress your real authentic nature of yours???

When we do not talk, behave or be in a moment of behaving from our true self we are in a major conflict of how we are feeling and what is happening in our life.

This affects us majorly as we do not understand the illusion of what is the truth as we are so away from our true behavior.

SO! Well!

Take the decision to STOP IT!!

Just like these or any other trees won't withhold their power to grow, breakthrough and let go of their nature; even though how much ever man tries too!!

Nature never withholds with their power to stop or grow themselves from any of these things so move ahead with your true authentic self Now!

Breakthrough this pattern, behavior, habit, story or whatever you call it!!

& Go beyond it!!

You can do it!!

-- by @rakshabhatti

Love, Light & Power!

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