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Don't settle down for Low !!

Hi there!

Have you always scrutinised yourself thinng that you don’t deserve what you want?

Don’t put limitations on your life. DON’T settle your heart on something lower than what it desires!

Wait and Think about it!!

Give it time until it feels True.

Give it time until you Realize.

Give it time to rethink what others have put in your head.

Give it time to trust that it is doing right to take a Break.

Give it time until you know what your Heart wants.

Believe every word it tells you.

Believe every word your soul tells you.

It has a lot to do.

Don’t feel bad, Grow up on That Thought. That Feeling.

Do it for Yourself!! There is no Right & Wrong!!

There is only the true calling of our soul.

We need to listen to it before everything that is told to us by others!

Because It’s Exhausting!!

Yes, Damn Right it’s very Exhausting, The Inner Battle between your Intention, your Purpose and your Resistance to being controlled are Very Exhausting than the Physical Exhaustion in our lives.

Because the Heart wants what it wants and so does the Soul!!

It’s us!

It is we Human who put our Ego before what our Heart and soul Desires…

We let ourselves always compromise and then cry about it.


Take time.

Take time to listen to what your soul is calling for because it will never settle down for low.

It will never settle down something that will make u Unhappy and not feel True about yourself!!

You may keep trying to quiet it down with your thoughts but it will overpower all negative thoughts and work towards positivity.



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