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Shut everything!! Listen to self first !!

“Having lost hope ever returning to the source of everything, the average man seeks solace in his Selfishness. For me, Personally, I attempt to return to the source of everything on a daily basis, and I refuse to be the “average man” – Castaneda.

I read these lines in the book “The Power of Intention by Dr Wayne Dyer”; these words by Castaneda are so powerful and empowering. After reading this I stopped looking at myself and others as just another “average man”, and I want you to feel the same!

So how do you do that?

How about asking yourself first!

How about listening to yourself first!

How about getting an Answer from Yourself!

Yes, I believe when one is always in doubt or is thinking less of themselves one has to sit quietly and just listen to everything that’s happening around him.

Just listen to everything and ask what one wants. Ask Yourself !

**Now! Here’s a thing, everyone just keeps saying about how to shut your mind and focus on what we want and all that. But, that’s never going to happen because like our heart which cannot stop beating until dead, our mind cannot stop thinking until its dead! So just ignore the shutting your mind off and listen! **

Listen to everything that comes around in your mind, it could be a small, big or a really huge thought just listen to it.

Listen to them very sincerely; they have been there for long like your mind is their home. So you need to let all that thoughts flow and look for words only you need.

Now slowly just start deleting all that thoughts you don’t want in your life, in your mind, in your thoughts.

Keep erasing them and imagine putting a tick across that it’s done and gone!

Listen to yourself. Listen to all that thoughts that keep coming back again and again.

Let it go. Let all that you don’t need go. Let only that can lift you up and bring you joy be resided in you.

Look ahead, look forward for seeking silence.

Silence where there is Peace, Quietness, Calmness, Solitude, Tenderness, Tranquility, Purity, Abundance.

“Silence is So powerful that it can’t be divided. If we divide we still get more Silence.” – Dr Wayne Dyer.

Silence gives us a feeling of abundance, a never ending path.

So look for that place in your mind where you can find peace and be with yourself.

**By saying look forward for silence doesn’t mean one has to stay silent and not talk and all that, but one has to feel that calmness.**

Being with your authentic self, it will let you stop all the chaos in your mind which is not yours. You just need to find for that peace and stillness in the Silence.

My favorite statement that I always believe is

“ If you haven’t found what you looking for around you with your eyes open.. Let’s close our eyes to look and find inside us.”

So go ahead delete all that chaos which is not yours and ask yourself first !!

Because we always have answers to our problems first but we never look inside us. We rather approach someone else to solve it.

So try this next time you have a question, ask yourself first and then seek answer from anyone else !

Because You there Precious one is way more than just an “average man”!!Love

Do this for Yourself !!

♥ Love, Light & Power ♥

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