• Raksha Bhatti

Be unapologetically yourself!

I have always been this “oh so happy-cheerful-positive-creative-colorful-sensitive-yet-strong-opinionated-sturdy-blunt-clear-onpoint-expressive-naturelover-person!

But it was not easy!

It was so difficult for all these years to accept this person completely without all the judgments and ongoing deep clinging criticisms for Myself! From people taking my natural behavior to being an attention seeker to so needy to so loud to so rude to not caring person! I have made my way out of all this untrue thoughts and judgments of others to decide for myself!!

Like especially this last year -2016 made me realize a lot of things and one of the best lessons learned is to accept Myself UnApologetically!! I love what Dr. Wayne Dyer says that “Remind yourself that you cannot fail at being yourself.” It is so true! and so I reminded myself that I am who I am and no one can take that away from me and I be myself connected to my source without any apologies. To be me UnApologetically!!

To love and be expressive, to tell people I love them and I will stick to them even it means messaging and nagging them because it means a lot to me without any apologies! To be assertive and stand my ground without any guilt! To be as colorful as I feel inside me! To spread the light in me to out in the world! To be as kind and endearing as I am and to practice the same! To go travel the world, the entire Universe and seize every bit of it in me for I am the child of divine! To embrace all learning’s of my life profoundly with no shame! To carry all my scars along with me gracefully with me as they are mine! To dress up and swirl around to the music of earth! To feel and be deeply sensitive without being tamed! To make a difference in this world with my presence, words, and love inscribed on it! To do things I love without needing approval! To endlessly make people happy with gifts, funny stuff, and my talks because it’s precious to me! To draw and paint my world without any rules! To be crazy and lunatic as I feel without needing someone along for it! To hug, play and cuddle with nature, trees, and animals! To be my own warrior and shield from the bad! To be creative and go maddening behind it until it’s done! To sing attuned with my purpose and joys of life! To write, share and express all the divine guidance I receive with this beautiful world! To be the person who I am complete without any Sorry! Apologies! Guilt! And any such judgemental and ego-based thoughts holding me back from being the person I am!! I am this! I am Myself! Unapologetically And Proudly I am Raksha Bhatti! To all the lovely precious people out in this world! Be who you are! Don’t rush! You can take your time, do it day by day, moment by moment! From small to big lessons, single to multiple steps a day! But Start this Transition!!

Do it for yourself and for that every little cell of yours in your body wants to get Unleashed!! You can do it without any apologies to anyone!! Be You! Be Unapologetically Yourself!

♥ Love, Light & Power ♥

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