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it's ok to be perfectly imperfect !

You are perfectly imperfect and that is good!

Too confusing? Read ahead!

Have you been that person trying to fit and always felt so different about yourself?

Do you still after all these years try hard to fit in to this world and its “oh so rational!” energy?

Well it could be many things that have helped you grow from that little bean, to a small baby, to this playful infant, to having a childhood then adulthood and then years and years ahead of it! Imagine all those days in your life and you have learnt, heard, spoken, played and done so much in your life. All these moments kept changing but some things stayed constant. And oh Man! How many fears, limitations, dramas and not so needed energy have you along with you now!


You are still struggling to make others happy while keeping yourself happy and then do all these many things and calculations in your head. Why?

May be because you have always been kept yourself under such a scanner that had an ideal situation or an ideal person to be! When things don’t turn the way you want, when people don’t respond the way you want, when things are not done the way you want them too and so forth many such situations where you have thought things should be done according to your way or not or it’s just not going to work!


It’s because you have lived a way of life that has always been under a knife of perfection and in an idealism thought to want things in a certain way. And what happens when that doesn’t happen?

It stirs you up so much that you criticize yourself and doubt every single thought or decision that you have ever made?


Why is it sooooo hard to just accept and acknowledge how we really are?

Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are. – Brene Brown

We were made with such pure love and a complete divine soul! We are not perfect human beings but we are definite perfect spiritual beings! (And please by spiritual I don’t mean religious!)

Why are you still doing it? Don’t you want to get outta this and walk out with clear head about who really are and then after that no matter what you are never going to apologize to anyone?

Don’t you?

SO PLEASE! Allow yourself to grow, learn and see yourself from a different perspective of who you really are?

Give yourself permission to revel and be in the comfort of knowing your true force, that power instilled in you that are much bigger than any such human and this is the power instilled in us!

This light which is so flawless in its own way, beautiful is just too small for our souls. Our souls are just so completely flawless and best in its nature to do what they wish to do until we overpower it with our self-doubting Egoistic thoughts!

Join in with me to encourage, empower and unleash the real you inside you!

To acknowledge all that you have and have no shame accepting it at all!

Yes because once you do it there’s no bigger power than you itself!

Understand the power to accept what you really are without any apology, any explanations!

I will be putting special post and questions regarding self acceptance and Selflove and 2 lucky ones will get free Realm reading. Keep yourself updates through my Facebook page or Instagram Feeds!

♥ Love, Light & Power ♥

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