Master the multi-talented person in you!

Have you also wondered about how some people how they keep doing different stuff and keep excelling in it?

How they are good in so many things than just one?

How they are so multi-talented and are superb at various things they do?

I got answers to all this questions that I spent hours thinking and confusing my self-worth (The alter ego does great work putting you in doubting when you overthink)

I was always the person who loved such type of energy, to be able to do many things and excel at it. It would lift me up to create and work various things.

During my preteen and teenager days I learnt so many things by myself and other times reading, observing and taking some small 1 or 2day courses to get some new learning.

I was always known as the curious, outspoken, confused and very talkative kid in my growing years. (I am still called the same except the confused part!)

Everybody kept telling me to stick onto one thing and it really was so frustrating to do only one thing, even in my family & school I was never the brightest of all but I scored enough to get pass and then manage to take part in every possible activities of the school. It made me so happy and satisfied to be able to dance, sing, be in sports team, monitor classes, be the speaker and be this free willed child.

I was this happy and satisfied until the graduation got completed and society hit me with questions like “all this is good but how you gonna earn?”, then stuff like you will become “Jack of all trades and master of none!”.

It made me so sad and rethink all the creativity I had that made me do all of this different stuff with pure love and compassion. (Again the alter ego did so well that it me feel stagnated of my creativity). I experienced many changes and kept searching for one thing that would make me happy to work entirely in my life thinking it should be related to what I have studies but it was actually what I am naturally good at! I was naturally always good at working with my Intuitions, my Clairvoyant feelings, my likeness to create accessories, design clothes, to create anything from nothing, to direct, to be highly solution oriented, to communicate so well, to have vision to create that helped me in video-editing. All this various natural instincts made me choose to work with Angels, be a video-editor , be a life coach and brand strategist.

After going through many challenges to understand this and about this whole career and doing what really feels right, the right answer came to me and I wanted to share with the world.

The answer to be able to do different things, be multi-talented and excel it is to follow you True Passion for Creativity.

Yes! It sounds very easy but it has got many layers of understanding to accept and share the all the creativity that the source has instilled in you.

You got to be fearless and be ready to take up some risk to do this! To follow this creative side of you!

Yes! You can do all that you wish you could do! Do dancing, singing, drawing masterpieces, creating products, writing, speaking and doing whatever that comes to you! A lot of times you will get uncomfortable getting out of your zone of just doing things right or the way the world does it.

The real fun part is to do it your own way!

Let me share one story, I love my hair and was always very particular about how I want it and the way I want to maintained it. Once I went for a haircut and the dresser cut my hair a little shorter than he said and it was like end of the world feeling for me(the over sensitive person I am made it feel it was really the end of the world!) I went on complaining for few days and it was so energy draining. It made me realize I was giving away too much power to other person and I could do it by myself too. (I used to cut my dolls hair they looked prettiest and I went to a day workshop about trimming hair so it would be fine!) So after this moment I decided I will cut , style and color my hair by myself, and having no professional training in this field for the first few times it scared me and I have had my super bad haircut days too. Also when I was about to color my hair for the first time it freaked me out and I was about to quit but I convinced myself saying I am good at painting and this could go no wrong even if it did I’ll just dye my hair back in some other shade.

I have had so many goof up in these last 4-5years But I carry it with such a glory because I did it and there is no way I am backing myself down by this!

SO! There will be days you will make mistake but make it a learning and move ahead from that space to creating something more beautiful and better than before!

Work on your creativity instead of letting your ego take over and tell you that you can’t do various things you want. You can be a corporate executive and still want to paint, you could be in police and still like to spent time alone writing poems, you could be anything in your professional life and still want to do things differently in your personal time.

I found my way to creativity by expressing everything that I could do with the power instilled in me! There is nothing more powerful than working with your creativity which will unleash the truest of your potential with love and compassion.You could do it too!!

I would be posting some exercises and some more articles on way to accept, express and work best with your creativity and my review on Doreen Virtues book “The Courage to be Creative” on Facebook page. Feel free to connect with me on my page!

♥ Love, Light & Power ♥

will unleash the truest of your potential with love and compassion.

You could do it too!!

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