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Gratitude is a state of being, the key to eternal happiness!!

"The Miracle of Gratitude is that it shifts your perception to such an extent that it changes the world you see." – Dr Robert Holden

While there are so many things in this world you want to complain about and crib about! There is still this part of the world that lives by your own decisions, thoughts and how you perceive the world around you.

One should know that amidst all this complaining, we do have a choice to be grateful for many things that we have in this life.

Have you seen how kids behave and cry about getting a new toy in the store even though they have one in their hands? And then what does the elder person do makes the kid realize that he has one toy in hand and can play with it for now until the elder person buys another one!

Exactly like that, we need to acknowledge all such small to big things in our life, because it is important!

“Like this person in the image above! I spoke to him after this photo and gave him some food to eat and he said he is so happy about the food and felt like it was his lucky day. As other days are just spent being happy with his dog and getting a deep sleep in this place. I was so amused that he felt getting food to eat a simple necessity his best day to live by! ”

So You would ask why? WHY? Why is there a need to show what we are grateful for? Is there a need to be ??


As much as we are social beings and love the appreciation we get in our lives, we must be grateful for what we have! Think of it like this as if you are writing an essay on stuff you are being grateful for… Start with small things first..

Being Grateful for yourself, Who you really are! Being Grateful for your body, whatever the shape it is! Being Grateful for the food you eat, the nature you can see, the facilities you have in your life, the life lessons you have had, the hardships that have made you this smart person today, the laughing moments you have ever had and about every single stuff that comes to you in a positive way!! Well.. I am sure you can come up with many stuff other than these.. These are just starters..

Once you start stating what you are really grateful for! Make it a practice!

Do it at regular intervals. It can be Verbal or Written. Just start doing it! Even if it feels weird or silly do it!

You will feel the difference in your life, in how it changes how you perceive things.

You will know and feel it that how out of 100 things going wrong and making you crib about your life, you still have so many things to be grateful for.. You have things, moments and people around you that would make you happy when you think about times spent with them.

You have things to be happy! To be Grateful for.. As the feeling of being positive is in our true self, it is our natural instinct and whatever happens one should always know to follow the heart and stick to the gratefulness that lives within. To stick to the wonderfulness instilled in us no matter how and when things go wrong. I bet you! you will always have things to be grateful for!

So What are you Grateful for?

♥Love, Light & Power ♥Raksha Bhatti

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