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How to find inspiration in self !!

“Mastering other is Strength; Mastering Yourself is True Power.

– Lao Tzu”

Wanting to make changes and New Year Resolutions in your life and always looking ahead for an inspiration is awesome. But what about times you cannot find yourself highly motivated and inspired to work ? We are left demotivated to take any action in our life !


Do you know there is always one person that can keep you Motivated and Inspired ! Its YOU ! Yes ! while we dont take action in our life as we are always looking for something and someone to inspire us, something that radical to happen that will shake us ! wake us up !

You always have your own self to keep you motivated and keep things together.

Think about all the times you thought you life was over, you were in deep trouble and here you are today gloriously living your life with more power on yourself.

Well, Thats the beauty of Self Inspiration ! You just need to believe that the source of all this energy and power is within you. The energy that created this world.. this Universe is what you are made of, There is God instilled in you ! That there is this vast endless Energy inside you!

Dr Wayne Dyer very profoundly said, ” Be Good to Yourself. You are God Manifested and thats reason enough to treat Yourself Kindly.”

Thus Don’t wait ! Move ! Move Somewhere you will be guided to your best ! Rise above your old Beliefs ! Not wanting to do something you want to do is unfair ! Its Unfair to your beautiful soul that trusted you and is giving you a life to live !!

You are Made of all that wonders you see around you and get amazed.

Remember you are that Inspiration that will help you get out of the bed in worst days and have you experience the best of you life !

You are Power ! You are Energy ! You are love ! You are Happiness !

P.S – You can make your way back and ahead from anything. There is no Limitations to your power dear !

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