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Walk Ahead!

“I walk slowly, but I Never walk Backward. – Abraham Lincoln”

Life is all about Moving Ahead ! Living in the present and Forgetting the past.

So why carry your past along with you like a baggage?

This is the best time to leave all that behind with the year ending and moving ahead with a bang in a Whole New Bright Year !!

It is about knowing what wont serve you best anymore in your life and what will serve the best out of you!

Like I always mention in my blogs it is nothing hard and difficult, it is just about following you Gut and Instincts.

It is to walk ahead and not going back to the Same patterns of living, Same patterns of thinking, Same patterns of doing stuff that made you fall into something sadder and less happier you were !

Dont put yourself in the same pit from which you have already walked out. You dont need that type of sabotaging in your life! It has already ripped you! It could be Mentally ! Physically ! Emotionally ! Financially ! Socially ! or Anything !!

You can also start clearing out stuff and throw away things that you feel brings memories of a past incident or just give away them to a needy but dont ever share it amongst your friends and family. Because you really don’t want to keep reminding yourself of it !

Stop that thought right away which makes you go back in time ! You have walked out of it already! Then why Go Back ?

There will be times when you think about going back! During such times always ask yourself ” Why did I let go of that thing at first place? Will it Drain me or Bring me up if I take it back in my life? ” You need closure to all the past moments and happening in your life before you enter this New period of life. (It could be anytime! New Year, Birthday, Marriage, Friendship, Work or just anything you wanna start)

You can do it !

You have done alot of times before and you can still do it !!

P.S – You are Super Awesome !! You can get yourself out of anything shitty and still be Glorious and Powerful !!

♥ Love, Light & Power ♥

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