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Make peace with it !!


New Year is just 35days away!

Yeah! Another year has come to end! Some moments were fast.. Some were slow.. Some moments made us laugh.. Some moments made us low.. So what if another year is gone.. You have enjoyed it and so let it Go..

Exactly what you need to do right now! While this year comes to an end You need to put an end to all the misery you keep putting yourselves in. All that Pain, Untrue Beliefs, Fear, Anger, Neglected, Jealousy, Ego, Resentful, Guilt-Trapped, Terrified, Ashamed and many more which makes us feel worst.

You need to let it all go and end it! Just like this year comes to an end ! Start from today whatever it is.. It can be a Person, Materials, Behaviour, Beliefs, Fears and so on.. Write them! Make a List and put an end to it! Make peace with it!

“Sometimes Letting Things Go Is An Act Of Far Greater Power Than Defending Or Hanging On – Eckhart Tolle.”

It’s the right time to keep everything behind and walk out shining from this situation.

You have lived the times.. You have laughed.. Enjoyed.. Cried.. Screamed.. Got hurt.. Played.. Danced.. have truly been there and lived in that moment.. You don’t want to get stuck to it! Get away! Move on!

Be present living the moment, let go of all that disturbs you.. makes you feel pulled down when you really want to Fly!!

Make peace with it! Let it settle down well!!

P.S – You are Super Awesome !! You do not need anybody’s approval of what you feel ! Go with You Instinct and Make Peace with it !!

♥ Love, Light & Power ♥

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