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Thrive to move ahead !! Thrive to change !!

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

I always had love for writing like I have my personal journals and diaries since my 7th grade, I had also started my first

Blog in 2012 but never published it until I got that inspiration to write it more exquisitely.

I got that Inspiration and that drive to follow my heart for writing from Dr Wayne Dyer, I read all of his books so religiously and always felt like his presence around me through his words.

It was 30th August 2015, I woke up with a very bad dream and felt as if I have been crying since hours. I felt very heavy in my heart and after my normal morning chores I checked my Facebook news feed where I got to know about Dr Wayne Dyer’s death.

I was so shattered with this news, I could feel as if someone very close to me has gone away, I could just not believe it !! But well it was one of the most Unfortunate incident in my life.

It was that day I decided to start-up my love for writing again and publish it publicly. It took a while to accept that Wayne Dyer has passed away and thus until today I felt so heavy in my heart knowing he has left us leaving behind his powerful and Inspirational words.

Finally accepting that even though he is gone, he is still with me through his books, his works and his Eternal light I got the courage to write something dedicating my love for him.

So here’s a little token of my love dedicating it to Dr Wayne Dyer…

Dr Wayne Dyer very well said it that “What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives, we need to stretch our minds.”

This very well explains what is lacking in our lives. we are so busy thinking about what we want and not want, rather than just stretching our minds and thinking about all the possible opportunities life has provided us in our lifetime. We always forget what we want and what we have !!

This beautiful universe gives us a tonnes of opportunities may it be through ideas, people, career, life, relationship.. but its us that confuses all this by our wants and don’t want to seize the opportunity.

We all don’t really realize how fast the life moves on, how fast the changes happen in our lives. There are so many changes in our lives that happens unknowingly to a person’s knowledge and then when the change has settled in our lives.

We realize we don’t wanna change anymore !!

Well ! Guess what ??

That is how life moves ahead ! Yes if we are not determined about what we want from our life then its just going to be following whatever comes your way.

So we need to know and acknowledge what is it that is wrong and needs to be changed?

Is there anything that is stopping me from having what I want?

Think about it !! Think about all the things you didn’t wanted to happen to you and it did happen !

So, for all the times you have Restrained yourself from change, give it a thought again !!

Is it worth? Is it worth to be still? Is it worth to be still than to move ahead and Grow?

Accept the change that you want, don’t be feared by others!!

Thrive to move ahead Precious one !! Thrive to Change !!


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