• Raksha Bhatti

Loving with A broken Heart.

Heartily talks...

While her heart wretched with the painful noise of shattering pieces of her Broken Heart.

The world could only hear was her laughter and her clumsiness.

They said, "It was her that made the Heart slip through off!"

Little did they know about how much she cared for her broken heart not too broken yet again...

It was time again it had broken into all those million pieces that she gathered with her pure love... Now! Once again! All she had was her !!

She decided for herself, for the sake of her Heart to not let anyone or any thought invade anymore to be left this shattered...

This time though, she filled and fixed her broken heart with love for her and light.

Now Her heart illuminated through that broken pieces that everybody else smashed it into pieces... .

Wiser people think her heart has more life than it did before.

It had soo much of pain but filled with light to Heal. .

While others think it has gone so hollow.. so much that light could easily pierce through and shine in..

They think it has no love left to shine, as the light Irks them. .

She loves every single piece of her broken heart that she has with her...

It is fixed uptight with her Grace, Sunshine and her Faith Instilled.

She walks smiling, giggling and exploring her way ahead in life with this light beaming with, through and on her!

-- by @rakshabhatti

Love, Light & Power!


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