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Raksha Bhatti


+91 9967881313



Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

Date of Birth

January 28, 1992

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Hello! I'm Raksha

I am a Multi Dimensional being ever evolving and growing.

I have been serving as a Creator, Healer, Coach, Mentor, Speaker and Modern Mystic for 8+ years.

I create and serve what is best for your soul's growth by integrating modalities to shift beliefs, heal your trauma, energy and take tangible actions in life.

I am also founder and creator of brand Tarqeeb where I create one of a kind holistic products.



Personal Transformation Coach

  • 1 on 1 coaching for  Life Coaching | Card Reading | Womb Healing | Energy Healing | Business Coaching

  • Group sessions - Mindfulness Training | Womb Healing | Balancing Emotional & Mental Health

JULY 2019 - MARCH 2020

Worked as Program Manager with Art No Bar

  • Created programs for Kindergarten Grade integrating with their Academic lessons making it fun, approachable, interactive.

  • Created content and coordinated for Personal Development programs integrated with Art and Music.

  •  Facilitated Personal Development programs for 7th - 10th Grade students.

MAY 2019 - JUNE 2019

Facilitator and Co-Ordinator for Sister Living works

  • Counselling students after the workshop related to Suicide Prevention

  • Outreach to educational institutes and conduct workshop.

  • Facilitating and Conducting workshops for Suicide Prevention in Colleges, Mumbai.

MARCH 2019

Enrolments & Event Management coordinator at Zorba the Buddha- Delhi.

  • Sales/ enrolments for workshops, programs and events.

  • Filling up the programs. - Communication with the participants through E-mails, WhatsApp and social media.

  • Making and receiving calls from the participants.

  • Managing the events, workshops, festivals.

  • Counselling participants to help them choose the right program.

MARCH 2018 - JUNE 2018

Orchids International Mumbai – Worked as a Facilitator for Drama in Education

  • Conducted classes extracted from the modules of Applied Theatre and Drama in Education.

  • Working and teaching Special needs children.

  • Curated content specifically as per the need of per class.

  • Created Interactive props and Facilitated for the same.

JUNE 2016 - APRIL 2017

Worked as a Program Organizer for Guru Nanak Mission High School

  • Arranged, Organized, Supervised various events including Inhouse competitions, Inter-school competition , Fun-Fair, Teachers Day, National Holidays & special events for the school’s 50th year celebration.

  • Organizing and supervising the school’s Annual Day celebration.

  • Designing, Content writing, Editing and Compilation of their 1st school magazine.

FEB 2015 - APRIL 2015

Shemaroo Entertainment - Worked as Video Editor.

  • Managed and executed capturing of movies, videos.

  • Shot to shot editing of movies for various clients at Shemaroo.

  • Quality check of the movie and songs.reated the song.

  • Compilations DVDs of Filmi Gaane Vol 1 & 2 and 101 Hits of Asha Bhosle Vol 1, 2 & 3.

  • The software used for the editing was: FCP, Adobe Premiere and Autodesk SMOKE.

MARCH 2013 - JUNE 2014

MAD-Make A Difference (NGO)- Volunteered as Teacher & Mentor

  • Teacher and Mentor for English academic and conducted creative activities.

  • Curating empowering content, Organizing and Finalizing the content and activity scheduling for the classes.

  • Organizing, coordinating and conducting activities at Dream Camp (outstation picnic for orphan kids)

MARCH 2013 - APRIL 2013

NDTV Good Times - Worked as an Assistant Producer

  • Assistant Producer for the show I’M too Sexy for my shoes- Get The look (season 8)

  • Managed and Supervised for the Development, Preproduction and Post-Production of the show.

  • Co-ordination for the location and sourcing of the show.

  • Actively present during the Video-Shooting of the show.

  • Interviewed Celebrities and supervised for various beats of the show.

  • Assisted in the in-house production of various live-action video shots.

  • Video editing and assisting editor on the raw video footage of the show.


NDTV Profit - Worked as an Assistant Producer

  • Managed and Coordinated for the Development of Pearson Teaching Awards.

  • Coordinated and Supervised for CFO Financial Conclave.

  • Coordinated with schools all over Mumbai on field level for Pearson Teaching Awards & managed the same.

  • Interviewed Corporate for Financial Conclave and other beats.

  • Coordinated the invitation for The Judges and Panelist for CFO Financial Conclave.

  • Perform responsibilities of assisting in the in-house production of various live-action video shots.



Public Speaking

Creative Writing

Problem Solving

Psychic Reading

Teacher Training

Active listening

Voice Over Artist

Conflict Resolution





Professional Life Coach CTAA Accredited


EFT / TFT Tapping Master Practitioner CTAA Accredited


Mindfulness Teacher CSA Accredited


Mindfulness Teacher Trainer CPD Accredited

Therapeutic Art Life Coach



Train the Trainer for School Program by Vinspire. (CEGR)


Archangel Life Coach


Video editor from Shemaroo Institute of Film & Technology (SIFT)





Programs by Me


Post Graduation in T.V Journalism, S.I.E.S College, Mumbai University

APRIL 2012

Completed Bachelors of Mass Media, Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Mumbai University.


Completed H.S.C, S.I.E.S College; Mumbai University.

MARCH 2007

Completed S.S.C, National Education Society High School, Mumbai University

Communication Skills

An Intensive understanding of what it is communication and what are the different layers of it involved in Verbal, Non Verbal and Visual Communication. What and how the different Language, Tone, Words we use in our daily lives implement our conscious and subconscious growth.
Why having a clear, effective and intentional communication is important. How can you practice it and integrate with your unique personality. 

Co-creating Safe Space

Why and how is it important to embracing difference irrespective of their body, culture, or whatever limitation one may use and deconditioning Prejudice mindset.

Understanding and knowing inclusivity & exclusivity, the dynamic of how you can respect including someone and also allowing them to feel exclusive and belonged to their truth. Building Compassion, acceptance and balancing personal energy for working unbias service.

Intentional Goal Setting

Understanding the core energy of your intentions behind your Goals, creating a map for long term, short term and Daily plans to keep you on path towards your goal. Knowing and understanding deeply what your intrinsic and extrinsic goals are aligning with your values of your life. Creating an action plan, resource system and supporting pillars to help attaint these goals in their timeline.

Time Management

Tap into this ever-present resource of time and create a Blue print to navigate your life's needs and action in most effective way while keeping your mind, body , soul and earthly needs in alignment. Know what really keeps you busy and hustling but doesn't help you using time well. Integrate a mindfulness practice in every single hour of your day with ease and flow.

Self Nourish

Know, learn, unlearn what is the causing your self doubts, and keeping you small. we will tap into the inner resource to build Confidence, Speak Openly and knowing your true essence of creativity. Understand and create a love for self, understanding and releasing Emotions and Guilt. Build a stronger connection with self, self nourishment and deeper love with life.

Unleash Productivity

A deeper understanding of what is causing  Stress and how can you bring balance by releasing and practicing a Self-Care practice . Knowing and Using Emotional Drawers to help you be focused on what is helping you limit or liberate. Tapping into a state of happiness and Productivity corelating with a better performance in life.


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