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Crystals help us elevate and uplift our energy and the best way to use them is wear them.

So pick any one for yourself.

•Black Tourmaline- For protection, Releasing Negativity and Grounding. Root Chakra.

•Lapis lazuli- For Purifying, Releasing resistance and Expression.Throat and 3rd eye Chakra

•Amethyst- For Relaxation, Releasing Stress and Awareness. 3rd eye and Crown Chakra.

•Turquoise- For Creativity, Releasing Doubts and Stability. Sacral and Throat Chakra.

•Citrine- For Prosperity, Releasing stagnancy and Abundance. Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra.

•Green Aventurine- For Healing, Releasing emotions and calming. Sacral and Heart chakra.

Raw Crystal Chips Pendant

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