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Purple is one of the most powerful colors of nature invoking wonder, awe, magic, and mystery that rejuvenates and renews the spirit. It is connected with the Crown Chakra that keeps you balanced and coordinated in life. It is also the Crown Chakra that keeps you centered and allows you to be focused and receptive to energies of the universe.

Purple Agate is the perfect stone to restore the balance of your Crown Chakra. It is a stone of intuition and dreams that also brings out composure, inner stability, self confidence, and helps to find new approaches to any pursuit. Purple agate has a powerful positive energy.

Agate is also a stone of strength. It was used by the Ancients on the breastplates of armor to give warriors strength and make victorious in battle enabling bursts of en as needed. In this way, agate is a conservation stone and enhances longevity.

Agate stone plays an important role as it contains various properties.

+Agate enhances creativity and

strengthens the intellect.

+Emotionally, agate gives courage, emotional strength, self-confidence, and dispels fears.

+ Agate's most noticeable properties overall are balancing yin/yang energy, courage, protection, healing, and calming.

Purple Agate

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