Women Health Bracelet (lower chakras with lava beads)

Women Health Bracelet (lower chakras with lava beads)

The crystal consist of 3 crystals that helps with growth, high energy, activating and bringing balance to lower 3 chakras of body. Making the body work from confidence, strength, safety and more endurance towards life.


  • Lava bead is best for Grounding, Protection and Balancing Aura. It helps cure lot of physical ailments too.
    -- Protecting Aura -- Grounding -- Balancing energy in body -- Cures Panic Attack -- Relieves Bowels & stomach Problems – Resolves Anger Problems -- Increases Stamina -- Removing Fear - Builds secure Energy – Heals Eating Disorder -- Transmuting negative energy to Positive energy.
  • Citrine is Merchants, Manifestation and Joyous crystal. It has amazing healing properties channeling sun energy for High Energy.
    -- Increases Self Esteem --  Relieves Anxiety -- Attracting Abundance – Helps heal in Depression -- Bringing Joy -- Healing Urinary Tract – Regulates Appendix -- Bringing Hormonal Balance – Bedwetting – Heals Relationships – High Abundance & Manifestation Stone -- Improves Skin and Hair Quality
  • Citrine is supported by Archangel Gabriel & Archangel Uriel for Healing and high energy.
  • Chakra: Solar Plexus and Crown Chakra
  • Birthstone: November
  • Sun signs: Cancer


  • Carnelian is Endurance, Leadership and High Confidence stone. It helps heals a lot of physical and mental issues too.
    -- Increases Creativity --  Enduring Stamina --Building Passion -- Increasing Metabolism -- Heals Menopause problems --  Regulates PMS – Detoxifying -- Increase Focus – Heals Any Skin problem (Rashes, Acne & Allergies) – Increases  Self-Expression --  Curing Fatigueless -- Improves performance Quality
  • Carnelian is supported by Archangel Gabriel for high energy and better performance blessings.
  • Chakra: Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra
  • Birthstone: August
  • Sun signs: Virgo and Taurus 


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  • Steps to wear the Crystal.

    To get the best results and amplified energy of the crystal wear the product for 21days regularly.


    1. Cleanse the crystal either under running water, hold in it your palm, put it in salt or on a selenite crystal. while doing this put clear intention of clearing the crystal of any lower and negative energy.

    2. Be grateful and make a connection with the crystal by thanking its presence in your life.

    3. Put a Intention by holding the crystal and being still. The intention can be anything from health, new job, money, love, realtionship, healing through airlment, anything that feels right to you. Incase you don't have clarity ask the crystal "to do its best job and heal anything that is not of your energy and heavenly energy."

    4. Be mindful and notice the thoughts, changes and feelings that may arise after wearing the crystal.


    Thank you for choosing the Crystal!


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