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The Chakra Bracelet has all seven Crystals:
Clear Quartz- Crown Chakra
Amethyst - 3rd Eye chakra
Lapis Lazuli- Throat Chakra,
Green Aventurine- Heart Chakra,
Citrine- Solar Plexus Chakra,
Carnelian- Sacral Chakra,
Black Tourmaline- Root Chakra
The Healing properties of all the crystal help in regulating and maintaining a balance in all the chakras. Using seven chakra helps you maintain and bring luck to your life and balance any and all areas of life. It works in multi-folds as all the crystal energy is magnified and works together well together to bring well being overall.

NOTE: All crystals are Cleansed, energized under sun light, moon light and with meditation to get the best amplified energy of crystal. To get the best results and amplified energy of the crystal wear the product for 21days regularly.

7 Chakra Pendant

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  • - The colors in the picture and real may slightly differ due to light & Thread texture.

    - Never wear your jewelery for prolonged hours in water or go swimming wearing your jewellery, as chlorine in swimming pools can cause damage to all metals and will erode jewellery.
    - Store your jewellery in a soft lined box or pouch with an anti tarnish strip. Try to keep pieces apart so they don't rub together as they some may age with time so keep a jewelery cleanser handy with your jewelery storage.

    - The product won't be exchanged or replaced once damaged after it has been used.
    - ANY damage during the shipping or after will be still considered for selected products only.(As accountability photos are taken to ensure all products are well packed and shipped)

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