Our Brand Story

Tarqeeb, by Raksha Bhatti is a brand about living Uniquely better life!

Tarqeeb was given birth with the intention of making simple yet very expressive products in an unconventional way breaking the prejudice minds of society of how materialistic things are perceived. Our Creator Raksha Bhatti is a passionate believer of accepting and expressing the real self Uniquely. This gave the seeding thought to making a brand where things are more than beautifying or possessions in life but an extension to expressing with emotions, feelings, purpose and belief with our true vibe. Thus, our diverse and extensive range of products are conceptualize and handmade with the same Intention of love, alignment, soul calling and light energy. 

All products are one of a kind and not produced in bulk to respect the authenticity and beauty of one a kind energy.
*You can connect to us with your personal ideas to bring it in reality! All Ideas are welcomed.*


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