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The Bracelet consist of 6 crystals :

Amethyst : Amethyst is an Intuitive, Artist, Calming Stone. It helps in curing various physical ailments and spiritual transcendence.
Birthstone for February

Sun signs: Pisces & Aries

Third Eye chakra and Crown Chakra


Green Aventurine: Green Aventurine one of the best crystal’s for healings, it helps in circulatory, cardiac, and many other healings too.-RaguelChakra: Heart Chakra

Sun signs: Virgo, Leo

Heart chakra

Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is Nurturing, Self-love and Soothing healing crystal. It helps heals so many of our emotional and physical ailments.

Relieves Tension – Brings Calmness – Depression -- Healing Relationship problems -- Circulatory System – Inviting love and new relationship -- Supportive to female energy & Reproductive System.

Chakra: Heart Chakra

Sun sign: Scorpio


Black Tourmaline is best for Grounding, Protection and Balancing Aura. It helps cure lot of physical ailments too.-- Protecting Aura -- Grounding -- Balancing energy in body -- Cures Panic Attack -- Relieves Bowels & stomach Problems – Resolves Anger Problems -- Increases Stamina -- Removing Fear - Builds secure Energy – Heals Eating Disorder -- Transmuting negative energy to Positive energy.

Black Tourmaline is supported by Archangel Gabriel & Archangel Michael for protection and healing.

Chakra: Root Chakra

Sun signs: Virgo & Libra


Citrine is Merchants, Manifestation and Joyous crystal. It has amazing healing properties channeling sun energy for High Energy.-- Increases Self Esteem -- Relieves Anxiety -- Attracting Abundance – Helps heal in Depression -- Bringing Joy -- Healing Urinary Tract – Regulates Appendix -- Bringing Hormonal Balance – Bedwetting – Heals Relationships – High Abundance & Manifestation Stone -- Improves Skin and Hair Quality

Chakra: Solar Plexus and Crown Chakra

Birthstone: November

Sun signs: Cancer



Carnelian is Endurance, Leadership and High Confidence stone. It helps heals a lot of physical and mental issues too.-- Increases Creativity -- Enduring Stamina --Building Passion -- Increasing Metabolism -- Heals Menopause problems -- Regulates PMS – Detoxifying -- Increase Focus – Heals Any Skin problem (Rashes, Acne & Allergies) – Increases Self-Expression -- Curing Fatigueless -- Improves performance Quality

Chakra: Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra

Birthstone: August

Sun signs: Virgo and Taurus


Growth & Vitality Bracelet

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