• Raksha Bhatti

💞Love, Loving myself 💞


Its everything.

You can spend your entire life to find the truth of it Or just allow yourself to feel it all.

💕 My heart feels heavy today

I feel so tired,

So drained,

So detached,

To love in communion.

I feel like I am done.

Not with Love, but doing it for all and others.

💕Then I think of How many times I have not loved back myself too? Of how much I have hurted and banished the feeling of mine too?

I have soo many countless times.

I do not have count,but I know what holds me back.


My heart swells to feel this and I am so elated to know of all that has happened Love has been my anchor.

For I know LOVE Beholds my life.

💕I wanna hold myself to tight, safe and into the space of knowingness that Love for me is not destroyed.

The faith and light has not.

Its the doing that has to let go now.

For I feel so done.

✨I want to tell you if you have got hurt and felt lost? Hold onto the love, Love for yourself.

Love so deep and divine just for yourself with no conditions binded of however you are.

Darlings,Do It for Yourself now!💕✨


💕Also this video pretty much concise my life- sun,messy hair,wind,music and light✨


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