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Growing up- lessons of Psychic Awakening ✨

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

✨Growing up✨

Lessons of my psychic awakenings, I think to myself how did I get here all grown up from this little tiny person I was with starry eyes, big wide smile, no judgements, no second thoughts, messy hair, cute, fearless, no fucks given at all and just to be who I am!

(Well the messy hair and fearlessness has stayed though🤗)

✨Also that little sardarji is my doll @gunjan_bhatti_ who I get to play dress up and do silly things growing up)

💜The growth,the journey has definitely been a ride and I gave immense level of wisdom to move ahead.

BUT you want to know what was the most difficult part??

To shed the layers of fear, cloudy thoughts, judgements.

💜When I started to practice my psychic abilities very profoundly and regularly I could remember the major memories of experiencing them was when I was a kid.

They were so loud and clear, so amazing to experience it.

💜Then came the growing up,society, the world and so forth so many things that we keep on adding to ourselves.

The baggage!

💜Today! When I am in a position happy,elated and so so grateful to experience, understand and fearless about my psychic abilities. I want to help everyone awaken whats with them naturally and so originally!

Something so pure and totally from a place of love.

I would be so grateful if I could even help one soul out there to shed all these fears and unleash their true power within!

✨ Share what do you feel about?

Let me know how do u want to awaken your psychic abilities??✨


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