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How to reclaim your power in 6 simple ways.

Do you often feel powerless about the situations in your life? Do you feel you suffer a lot because you feel others have more control in your life than yourself? In all such times, we feel so less and powerless of ourselves & our life! We tend to doubt every single area of our life, scrutinizing ourselves with this radar of negativity and not worthy feelings. I personally have gone through a lot of such moments where I have felt frustrated and so helpless about the situation that it made me felt I have so less control and power in my own life. With the life lessons I have had and with the best of my knowledge, I want to share the 7 simple ways to feel powered again in your life!

1. Take complete In charge. “You’re In charge of your own life, No one But you. – Lower than Atlantis” Re-center yourself and take in charge of the situation that you feeling powerless about. Whatever the situation is going in your life try looking at the perspective and acknowledge your part in it. Just stop the “Blame Game!”, that we often do which hooks us into the endless drama, complaining and blaming the other person. Doing this doesn’t just drain our energy but also makes us less resourceful as we are hooked in this lower energy and blaming the other person.

2. Make a Decision. “You are one decision away from a totally different life. – Mark Batterson” Yes! Step out of the situation and think from your resourceful mind. Think about all solution based decisions and ideas that can be made to resolve the situation. Understand that making a decision for yourself is important as it gives you the power to your own thoughts, to make changes for your life in a certain assured way. * Also this decision-making doesn’t have to be from your impulsive or passive mind that will get you rid of the situation, but it should be a decision you truly believe in.* Be clear about what do want? How do you want? How should it make you feel?

3. Stand your ground. “Being alone when one’s belief is firm is not to be alone. – Berthold Auer Bach” Once you have made a decision stand your Ground, know that now you are in charge of the decision made, the choice made and it won’t be changed to suit someone else. (When I was the Assistant Producer, I had a team and I used to distribute the work to my colleagues but often they used to not do their work and I had to do their work too. This made me feel I had no time for my own work and control over the things I want to do for myself.) So, when you make a decision to be firm and let others know what is that you want and what you don’t want! That you won’t settle for something you don’t agree to and feel powerless. Be clear! Make a statement, while being considerate to the situation.

4. Be ready to say “NO!” “Focusing is about saying No. – Steve Jobs” When you make your own decision, you should know that you have the power to say Yes or No to the things you want to do and not want to do. If you don’t want to do something you don’t believe in, don’t be afraid to say No to it! Gone are the days where you would please people for their decision-making, just by agreeing to them. If you have made a decision, you should be ready to “NO” to anything that will take you away from your decision. You must know the Power of Saying NO to what you don’t believe is equivalent to saying YES for what you really believe in!

5. Let go of your control freak personality. “Stop trying to control. Let go of fixed plans and concepts, and the world will govern itself. – Lao Tzu” You need to let your spirit be free! Let it go with the flow and not put so much stress on every detail of your life. We feel powerless about all these situations not done in our way and when you choose to let go and not bother you much. You feel the change, of how things can take a course in their own way. When you let things happen in their own way when you don’t keep pushing them when you don’t keep telling others how to and how not to do things, all these little details that make you feel restless when not done in your own way. You must choose to let them go! Let go of this control freak personality inside of you!

6. Be open to receiving “Ask for Help. Receiving is an act of generosity. – Cheryl Richardson” We are so much induced with the thought of wanting to “walk on our path alone”, “self-made person”, “one-man army” and many such completely ego-based thoughts. It is completely inspiring to be working on your dreams alone and wanting to grow efficiently in it but to think that asking for help is a concept of a weak person. NO! It is not! People get confused that if they do it all, then they will have more power over the situation, whereas it is wrong! The true power is seeking help when needed and being able to receive what is offered by the universe! It is The Power in us that keeps us moving and wanting to go beyond limits. We must keep ourselves fueled up and empowered every moment in a way that nothing can shake up our core. Here’s to all of you, who are as powerful in the world like Bill Gates, Beyoncé, Mark Zuckerberg, Priyanka Chopra, Oprah, Purpose Fairy, and many other famous people! All of them were made and instilled with the same power as us! They don’t let their power dim so why should we? Make this change and Re-Claim your Power!

♥ Love, Light & Power ♥

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